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Dr. Jing Liu

Dr. Jing Liu, OMD, PhD holds two PhD degrees with Natural Health Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Liu began practicing western medicine and Chinese medicine in China and with her outstanding contributions in her field, she is the youngest doctor praised by China’s high officials. Dr. Shi Xue Min - known as the ‘Father of Acupuncture’ in China - whom she has trained with for 20+ years, called Dr. Liu “the master of masters.”

While Muhammad Ali and Bob Ueker are perhaps the most well-known patients Dr. Liu has treated during her 30+ years of clinical experience in the U.S., she has helped countless others improve their health and quality of life through acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. 

Dr. Liu is a recognized international speaker and Vice Chairman at the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. With her accomplished background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Liu began implementing herbal remedies into her practice. Her passion to help others achieve a healthier lifestyle has resulted in a meteoric rise in popularity of her herbal supplements.

Recognized for her various contributions to the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Liu continues to make annual visits to mainland China to enhance her acupuncture education and herbal knowledge. Through these visits, she personally sources high-quality ingredients for her Sol Nutrition line to ensure the potency and safety of her products.

Dr. Liu operates Eastern Medicine Center, a highly successful practice in Scottsdale, Arizona, treating a wide variety of patients. She is in the front line of her clinical practice continuing to treat and heal her patients knowing how these supplements work on a daily basis. From stroke survivors, those struggling to start a family, to Parkinson’s and cancer patients, her ability to heal is highly regarded. Dr. Liu also founded a non-profit research center to help those in the community who cannot afford treatment.

Dr. Liu with Jennifer Smestad - Miss Arizona & Singer

Dr. Liu with Muhammad Ali - The Champ

Dr. Liu with Bob Uecker - MLB player and sportscaster

Under tutelage of Dr. Shi Xue Min - Father of Acupuncture

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Combining the finest medical experience in both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sol Nutrition’s clinically proven herbal remedies are formulated by esteemed master clinicians and researchers.

Chinese herbs are commonly used today for their efficiency in fighting several common illnesses in China. This method goes back at least 3,000 years. Over that time, a vast amount of understanding has been gained that has gone toward perfecting clinical applications.

Sol Nutrition performs thorough investigations into common health issues such as painful menstrual cramps, reduced sexual performance, poor sleep quality, poor liver function, anxiety, and weak immune systems.  We then identify potent herbal combinations at high concentration that help relieve these issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sol Nutrition ensure the safety and quality of their herbal formulas?

All Sol Nutrition herbal supplements are created with the highest grade and most potent herbal formulas available. We implement safe and effective methods prior to distribution for elite quality control purposes. All of our herbal ingredients are routinely tested for heavy metals and parasites through an FDA-certified facility. Sol Nutrition guarantees the quality and proper potency of all herbal supplements and offers an incredible return policy if you are unsatisfied with the results.

What types of formulas do you offer?

Sol Nutrition's clinically proven lineup of nearly 30 herbal dietary supplements address the root causes of common ailments such as: digestive issues, poor focus, low energy or libido, menstrual issues, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, stress, difficulty sleeping, and more.

All of our products are gluten-free, vegan, GMP certified, GMO-free, and formulated by doctors.

Why do you have formulas vs a single herb?

It's uncommon to have each individual herb prescribed alone because the combination of several herbs within a formula provides a much more potent, balanced, and effective delivery of nutrients and benefits to the user.

Sol Nutrition’s formulas consist of an assortment of principle herbs, assisting herbs, directional herbs, and harmony herbs that provide the best-desired results you’re looking for. These formulas are made with concentrated herbal extracts so that they can quickly provide your body with the nutrients it needs to support many beneficial traits. Taking many single herbs individually is a hassle and may not deliver the effects you were hoping for.

How long do I need to take the herbal supplements?

Every BODY is different so there is no one size fits all when it comes to length of time needed for supplemental care.

Please see the suggestion under each product and continue to stay consistent with your dosages. If you have any additional questions about our healthy herbal supplements or our recommended dosages, feel free to contact our team at info@solnutrition.com today!

Can I take these herbal formulas with my prescription medications?

Sol Nutrition advises you to consult with a healthcare professional before taking any of our herbal supplements alongside your prescription medication(s).

Can I take these herbal formulas while pregnant or nursing?

We discourage the use of some of our formulas during pregnancy but if you have a specific health condition that one or more of our herbal supplements helps then we strongly advise you to consult with a healthcare professional before consuming any of our herbal supplements. We understand the need to reduce nausea and other difficult pregnancy symptoms and while our formulas are scientifically proven to help relieve some of these symptoms, it’s important you consult with your healthcare professional first.

Sol Nutrition advises you to consult with a healthcare professional before taking any of our herbal supplements while nursing.

Can children take your herbal products?

Although we always recommend you consult with a licensed healthcare practitioner before giving our herbal supplement formulas to a child, children and young adults alike can safely consume many of our herbal supplements. For more information, please feel free to reach out to our friendly team of professionals at info@solnutrition.com