Bob Ramsey is the president of Starwest Associates and Chairman of the Ramsey Social Justice Foundation.  Bob has been an active community and business leader for over 45 years, founding companies in a variety of fields:  US regional air freight, air medical and ground ambulance services since 1970’s, international fire services, medical equipment and supplies, behavioral health transportation services, data technology companies, real-estate, and golf.  He founded, owned, and operated 17 ambulance services throughout the US serving millions of patients more than four decades.

Bob pioneered, designed, and implemented the first EMS private/public partnership EMS models from the early 1980’s to today. Many of those high-performance fire department models continue today with various organizations across the nation for dedicated 911 emergencies, pioneering internet patient care reporting networks for private and public fire services, including the first in the world Tele-Med ambulance with behavioral medical transport services.  

As a recognized leader of emergency medical systems, policies, and clinical services; Bob Ramsey’s success has been credited for his dedication to serving other’s needs for the best possible outcomes. His ability for focusing on customer service relationships, strategic partnership alignments, planning, design, optimizing pre-implementation assessments that provide innovations in operational high-performance and clinical EMS services. Ensuring the scope and resources combine with the right seamless technologies for operational requirements. Then apply them in an overall efficient caring business models in complex areas of operational, clinical, community, customer, and client needs, executing appropriate infrastructure and system environments for measured stages of logistic success.

A Few Recognitions:

Bob was awarded the prestigious national lifetime achievement award from the “Gathering of the Eagles”, The EMS State of Science in 2010 for his many contributions in EMS nationally.

In 2012 Bob Ramsey was awarded and recognized by the Arizona Department of Health Service and Bureau of EMS and Trauma for “Lifetime Achievement” for his decades of service and innovation and clinical systems in EMS.

He has served as a board member of numerous public, government, and civic boards for more than four decades.  In 2007. ASU’s Public Policy School named the Ramsey Executive Education School after Bob, an Alumni of ASU.  The prestigious school provides innovative professional development programs and customized services that build the capacity of people and organizations that serve the public.

Since the 1980’s, Bob and his wife, Jenny Norton have supported and contributed to building community for the underserved, homelessness, education tuitions, affordable housing, emergency needs and environmental sustainability projects through their Ramsey Social Justice Foundation.