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Helps boost fertility & healthy sperm count

Promotes healthy reproductive organs and sperm count by increasing blood flow, encouraging healthy natural testosterone levels, and boosting libido.*

60 vegetarian capsules | 2 capsules per serving

  • Promotes healthy sex organs by increasing blood flow*
  • Promotes healthy testosterone levels*
  • Promotes healthy sex drive*
  • Encourages overall health*
  • Take 1-2 capsules with water 2-3 times daily, either 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after eating, for severe symptoms take up to 4 capsules each time with water
  • For best results, take one dose 3 hours prior to promote better functions in the bedroom.
  • If you have trouble taking capsules, you can open the capsules and mix the powder into the smoothies, apple sauce, or any paste like food substances.


yellow flower tribulus terrestris
Supports an increase in sensation, testosterone levels, youthful energy, vitality, and mood support.
In the East, many herbal tonics and preparations are used to assist the aging male improve his sexual drive or ability to perform penetrative sex by increasing sexual stimulation, erectile, ejaculatory, orgasmic, and other responses for sexual function and satisfaction. The herbs and tonics act as or as “pick-me-ups” and energizing tonics which help the tired and fatigued male and those with sexual asthenia. It has also been given credit for increasing sperm count.
plant in the wild cynomorium
Used for treating male impotence and sexual dysfunctions this herb contains reproductive activity and promoting better generative male functionality.
yellow flowers herba patrinia
Research has shown to contain antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic properties that aids the redness, irritation, and eases pain. New antimicrobial agents are urgently needed to treat infections caused by drug-resistant pathogens and by pathogens capable of persisting in biofilms. The aim of this study was to identify traditional Chinese herbs that could inhibit biofilm formation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, an important human pathogen that causes serious and difficult-to-treat infections in humans. Supports a healthy liver, digestive system, benefits the eyes, and promotes healthier skin. Patriniae in this formula has played an important role for its antimicrobial function that has been treated from antibiotic drugs in the past, is the main herbs in TCM for prostate & intestinal infection.
Schisandra improves liver function and protects the liver, and is most useful for promoting liver health and stabilizing blood sugars, especially for fatty liver disease according to the research. This secured Schisandra a spot in our masterfully crafted natural herbal supplement. Contains Adaptogens which are natural substances that stimulate the body's resistance to support physical and emotional stressors which improve the body's vitality and protection from toxins.
red goji berries
Natural Goji (wolfberry) berries contain beta-carotene, which is an essential plant phytochemicals. Beta-carotene is known for its ability to promote healthy skin. Beta-carotene is a strong natural ingredient used in skin creams to help improve skin health. It is also associated with photo biomodulation protects from epithelium thickness and collagen for hydration, firming, protection from sun damage & anti-aging skin effects. Another reason why they are used in this herbal formula is that Goji berries are very calming and soothing and contain 500 times more vitamin C than an orange!
Research has shown Cnidium Monnieri extract have Anti-allergic effects, might be useful as an agent for allergic diseases and that its anti-allergic effect was partially attributable to a coumarin derivative, osthol. Cnidium contains chemicals that might kill cancer and bacterial cells, reduce swelling (inflammation), strengthen bones, decrease itching, and increase sex drive. In this formula, we mainly used the Its allergic effects because there is an allergic reaction between the egg & sperm.
Contains natural apoptogenic properties that support your memory retention, brain functions, and reduce depression by increasing the effects of serotonin which leads to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Therefore, the microbiota-gut-brain axis is used to investigate the anti-depressive properties of FOSs at the interface of the gut microbiota studies have shown.
In traditional Chinese medicine, Broomrape is considered a superior tonic and is used to ease pain, replenish blood, and strengthen kidney yang. Studies have found broomrape benefits immune health, supports sexual health, promotes kidney health, protects nerve health, benefits male reproductive function, supports circulatory health, and may ease occasional constipation. Broomrape contains antioxidant properties that help the body fight damage from outside stress and may slow aging.
In traditional Chinese medicine, achyranthes is considered to be bitter, sour and neutral, and is associated with the Liver and Kidney meridians. Used raw, it promotes the circulation of qi and blood in an effort to restore menstruation and aid with difficult labor in women, because some of its components may stimulate uterine contractions. Typically, it is employed to treat amenorrhea, hematemesis and epistaxis.
Research has shown on 28 men with oligozoospermia and 7 with azoospermia, after 8 to 28 weeks, examinations of semen in oligozoospermic men after treatment revealed a remarkable increase in number (78%) and moderate increase in sperm motility (53%) and in volume (56%).
image of polygalae radix root
Studies have shown that this herb aids the brain’s degeneration and memory loss by protecting against N-methyl D-aspartate (NDMA) neurotoxicity. It’s used to naturally calm the body, mind, emotions, and improves sleep. May help your mind to think clearer and more creatively. Polygalae Radix has long been used in China for calming the mind, promoting intelligence, communicating the heart and kidney, eliminating phlegm, and reducing swelling. At present, it is used to treat amnesia, insomnia, and malaise. Modern research has revealed that Polygalae Radix mainly contains triterpenoid saponins, xanthone, oligosaccharide esters, etc., with the activities of improving memory, resisting dementia, protecting the brain, relieving cough, and removing phlegm, as well as sedation and hypnosis.
Results of the studies indicated significant increase in the weights of testis, epididymal sperm counts, and sperm motility compared to control group. Studies giving any evidence for their efficacy and pharmacological mechanisms related to male infertility. The mechanisms involved in the beneficial effects of medicinal plants in sperm abnormalities are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-oedematous and venotonic activity as well as containing precursors for sperm production and increasing blood testosterone level. Various phytochemical categories including saponins, phytosterols, carotenoids, oxygenated volatile compounds, phenolic compounds and alkaloids seem to be responsible for these beneficial effects. Further studies are recommended for obtaining more conclusive results about the efficacy and safety of the mentioned medicinal plants.
licorice in a bundle
Today, licorice root is promoted as a dietary supplement for conditions such as digestive problems, menopausal symptoms, cough, and bacterial and viral infections.