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  • Boost of clean energy without jitters*
  • Helps focus, memory, and motivation
  • Rich in vitamins & minerals
  • Take 1-2 capsules 2-3 times a day, up to 4 capsules with extreme exhaustion and fatigue, either 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after eating.
  • For last dose take no later than 6 hours before your bedtime.
  • If you have trouble taking capsules, you can open the capsules and mix the powder into the smoothies, apple sauce, or any paste like food substances.

Boosts energy pre-workout, improves low energy & motivation*

A healthy herbal alternative to energy drinks or coffee is our GoGo Energy formula. Unlike caffeine and other stimulants, GoGo will give you a long-lasting boost of energy without compromising your adrenals. No crash, no jitters, just naturally elevated energy levels throughout the day.

For Symptoms: Fatigue and Brain Fog

60 vegetarian capsules | 2 capsules per serving


Used to help with asthenic disease symptoms, such as exhaustion, and blood deficiency diseases. It not only promotes hematopoietic function, but also improves immune functions, improves coronary heart diseases, diabetic complications, malignant tumors, and brain injury.


It is a powerful tonic herb that tonifies the lung, spleen, heart and nourishes the blood. Used for thousands of years, this potent herb supports your body by maintaining a healthy energy level without the feeling of jitters and supporting a normal immune function.


It is very rich in vitamin B1, B2, B12, C, niacin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, biotin, and nicotinamide which play a role in cellular energy production. For these reasons, Ren Shen Root & Leaf makes its way into a couple of our herbal formulas.

Sol Nutrition chose this herb because it contains compounds known to help overcome exhaustion by lessening the buildup of lactic acid and blood urea nitrogen. At the same time increasing fat utilization, energy, and reducing fatigue.


Research has also shown that eleuthero increases muscle and bone strength.


Eleuthero also acts as a stimulant, increasing nervous system function.


Contains adaptogens that support your body by stimulating the resistance to emotional stressors which promote mental clarity.

Supports the body by increasing circulation, soothing inflammation, and releasing the body's damaged tissue.


Enhancing immune functions to strengthen the lungs, that eases coughing and eliminates phlegm.


Among many others, Honey fried licorice is a great ingredient for this herbal supplement.

Rhodiola increases your body’s capacity to adapt to stress by easing any physical and mental fatigue. Especially for people who suffer from feeling fatigued and depressed. It increases their energy and motivation which is an important effect that Gogo Energy provides its user.
A powerful root that promotes B-cell proliferation, antibody production, and enhances CTL activity. Astragalus also acts as an antioxidant, increasing superoxide dismutase, and decreasing lipid peroxide activity, which proves energy!


Supports the liver, cardiovascular, and immune system through its antioxidant effects that inhibit free radical production and improves productivity all day.


Some studies have shown that it can improve cardiovascular and immune markers of health and therefore help to reduce the risk of long-term illness from its anti-aging implications of Astragalus Membranaceus.


Compounds identified in astragalus include polysaccharides, saponins, flavonoids, isoflavonoids, sterols, amino acids (including gamma-aminobutyric acid), volatile oils, and other mineral elements (ex., zinc, iron, copper, manganese, vanadium, tin).

Validated by scientists, this potent herb supports your adrenal functions by giving your body more strength, stimulates weight loss, and boosts your energy and motivation thus boosting the effectiveness of Gogo Energy.
The effect of the Astragalus root has shown in the study showed an increasing in protein synthesis and gluconeogenesis. 19 differential metabolites have been screened after supplementing AMR for 14 day, nine of which were up-regulated, including ornithine, L-pyroglutamic acid, L-proline and D-proline, and 10 down-regulated, containing L-kynurenine, 5-hydroxyindoleacetate, linoleic acid and 4-pyridoxic acid. Pathway analysis found these metabolites mainly participated in three primary pathways: arginine and proline metabolism, tryptophan metabolism and glutathione metabolism (p <0.05), while linoleic acid metabolism and vitamin B6 metabolism were also enriched (0.1


Also, restoring balance in your body is why the herb is called rayasana in the Ayurveda tradition, which translates to a 'herb that rejuvenates’.

Rehmannia is known as a “trophrestorative” or “adaptogen” for the adrenals. Meaning it restores the adrenal glands and gently nourishes them back to health. It’s indicated to promote recovery from long-lasting illnesses and nervous system burnout.


It is very good for people who are tired constantly and overuse coffee for a long time which in result may cause adrenal fatigue.


We want Gogo Energy to become a healthier and more beneficial alternative to coffee and energy drinks so that you can lead a healthier lifestyle.

Sol Nutrition
Sol Nutrition