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Top 6 Mothers Day Gifts

  • 3 min read

Mother's Day is right around the corner, so it is time to search for the perfect gift for mothers Day! Of course, there are a lot of gifts you can please your mom with for mothers Day, but what about giving her a healthy, well-suited supplement that will help your mom feel and look her best self? Consider treating your mom to some self-care supplements from Sol Nutrition. 

This article discusses our supplements and portable beauty devices that can help promote glowing skin, strengthen hair and nails, detoxify your body, boost collagen levels, and much more. Below we list some of our favorite supplements for a healthy mothers Day gift idea. 


If you want a mothers Day gift for a mom who loves a glowing complexion, we suggest purchasing Glisten 'N' Glow. Outer beauty comes from the inside; Sol Nutritions Glisten 'N' Glow helps achieve a youthful look by clearing your complexion and restoring a proper oil balance on your skin. This formula is rich in Vitamins A, B, C, & E. It promotes a youthful and beautiful glow while promoting clear skin and helping the body get rid of toxins. 


This natural herbal supplementpromotes healthy hair and nails. This herb blend is rich in biotin and collagen, helping thicken and strengthen nails and hair. After taking this supplement, many have reported having fewer split ends and natural hair color lasting longer. The function of this herbal blend is to bring nutrients to the hair follicles while reducing hair loss and promoting hair restoration. Consider gifting a mom with this capsule supplement. Two capsules daily deliver a healthy dose to support hair, skin, and nails. 


Sol Nutritions Daily Detox is admirable for boosting antioxidants and clearing toxins. This supplement is a tremendous daily-use formula to stay healthy. Daily Detox contains detoxifying enzymes that help give you a full body cleanse. It promotes clearer skin and eyes and supports regular bowel movements. A supplement like this has all the perfect ingredients to support a mom's health. 

Consider giving your mom a portable beauty device from Sol Good products for the ultimate splurge. Sol Good is Sol Nutrition's newly launched sister company. We carry advanced, mobile beauty devices that transform your skin, boost collagen levels, tighten, lift, and give you confidence like never before. 

My favorite mothers Day gifts involve recharging and some self-care, but this year, why not bring the spa home with products that can be used year-round? 

If you are looking for a gift that will spoil your mom, consider trying one of our high-tech beauty products this year. 


Liftreduces fine lines, removes dark circles, and lifts, and tightens the skin. This device has EMS micro-currents that help stimulate muscle contractions, increase circulation, boost collagen, and improve skin elasticity. This device is intended for use around the eyes, mouth, and forehead. 


Sculpt is a Gua sha, an electro-acupuncture facelift that fits in the palm of your hands. This 3-in-1 EMS/RF/Red LED facial tool is like a workout for your face! EMS penetrates deeply to stimulate muscle contractions and then relaxation to increase blood flow and boost collagen. This tool is especially great for repairing skin elasticity and keratin tissue. The Sculpt portable beauty device is also great for helping with lymphatic drainage along the face and down the neck. This device suits those who lift the neck area and define the jawline. 


While Sculpt and Lift restore the face, Slim handles the body—the Slim's adjustable rollers contour around your body for optimal efficiency. In addition, RF high frequency heats deep skin tissues, creating a rejuvenating tightening effect. The RF waves also force fat cells to break down and release liquid fat, causing them to shrink and contract.

Every mother figure deserves to be showered with love. There is no better way to say "I love you" than by supporting your mom's health and wellness. Give the gift of a youthful glow with Sol Nutritionssupplements and Sol Good portable beauty devices.


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