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5 Foods to Avoid While on your Period

  • 3 min read

Many women suffer from unbearable PMS symptoms during their cycles. While some experts consider these symptoms a normal anticipated part of monthly menstruation, others believe that an excess of these symptoms can be a sign of reproductive health, did you know that unbearable PMS symptoms are not always related to reproductive health, but rather a result of the foods that you indulge in while on your period. Today, Sol Nutrition will name the top 5 foods that can make you miserable during your period.  

During menstruation, women are simultaneously undergoing accelerated hormonal shifts and losing blood. While many women get strong cravings during their period, It is best to avoid the following:


Alcohol and caffeine 

While some may crave an alcoholic beverage during their period, drinking alcohol can immensely impact your hormone levels. Alcohol may increase the production of testosterone and estrogen. Having too much of either one of these hormones can heighten PMS symptoms such as irritability and mood swings. Caffeine is an easy go-to when you are feeling tired or low on energy. However, too much caffeine can increase how many cramps you experience. Beverages with high amounts of caffeine, like coffee, can cause inflammation and bloating. We suggest drinking chamomile tea instead which may reduce the severity of cramps and can help you relax your nerves and your uterus. 

Sugar and artificial sweeteners

We fully understand that nothing sounds better than indulging in a chocolate chip cookie with ice cream while on your period. However, it is important to note that consuming sugar while on your period can increase the worst symptoms of PMS. Consuming sugar may increase blood sugar levels and mess with your cortisol levels. Sugar will intensify acne, mood swings, and fatigue. Artificial sweeteners are not a wise replacement either. Studies have shown that artificial sweeteners disrupt hormones. If you are craving something naughty, we recommend eating some dark chocolate.


Salt may make food delicious, but consuming salt can particularly increase blood pressure and lead to cardiovascular diseases. Those risks aside, consuming a lot of salt during your period can lead to water retention. Because salt causes the body to retain water, it can lead to excess bloating. To reduce bloating while on your period, try limiting your intake of salt and avoid highly processed foods that contain high levels of sodium. Although you should be aware of your salt intake at all times, try cutting down if your cramps are cramping your style.  

Spicy foods 

Struggling with intense bleeding, fatigue, and cramps? Then you might want to steer away from eating spicy food while you are on your period. Eating foods that are spicy may add bloating and gas to your PMS symptoms. Spicy foods can irritate your stomach, lead to discomfort and even promote cramping. If you can't bring yourself to withhold from spicy foods, we suggest trying other spices and herbs such as cinnamon, turmeric, and fennel. These all contain anti-inflammatory properties. Just practice portion control to avoid an upset stomach.

Red meat 

During your period, your body produces prostaglandins. Prostaglandins help the uterus contract and shed the uterine lining, resulting in your menstruation. However, having elevated levels of prostaglandins can cause cramps. Red meat has high levels of prostaglandins and should be avoided during your period so that you don't experience heavier cramping. We suggest eating salmon instead, which is rich in fatty omega-3 acids and can reduce the intensity of period pains. 


For most women, periods can come as a distressing monthly occurrence. However, making small tweaks to your diet during your time of the month may help lessen PMS symptoms in addition to boosting your overall health. Menstruation doesn’t have to hurt. Sol Nutritions clinically proven herbal ingredients can naturally reduce the worst symptoms of your period. Click here to see the top 5 foods that you should eat while you are on your period. 

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