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Dr. Jing Liu, OMD,PHD

Dr. Liu knew from a very early age in her life that her purpose was to heal and provide for those in need. After spending over 11 years pursuing her education in western medicine and then traditional Chinese medicine, she received a Ph.D. in natural health science and a Ph.D. in traditional Chinese medicine. Since then, she’s supported hundreds of thousands of patients including Olympic gold swimming medalist Michael Phelps, boxing champion Muhamed Ali, and popular baseball personality Bob Eucker in their journey for pain relief and lifestyle improvement.

With this astute background in western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Liu began implementing herbal remedies into her practice. These thoroughly tested formulas are backed by in-depth scientific support and have helped hundreds of thousands in their pursuit of health and general wellness. Her passion to help others achieve a healthier lifestyle has led her herbal supplements to a meteoric rise in popularity among athletes, celebrities, and individuals alike. Throughout her 20+ years of clinical experience, Dr. Liu has changed countless lives for the better including cancer patients, stroke victims, individuals suffering from infertility issues, and more. She also formed a non-profit research organization to support those who can’t afford treatment all from her practice in Scottsdale, Arizona.

As an esteemed master clinician recognized for her work throughout the Traditional Chinese Medicine community, Dr. Liu continues to further her education by visiting China annually to study modern acupuncture practices as well as view new studies and research on new and existing herbs. Additionally, Sol Nutrition allows Dr. Liu to continue to cater to those seeking to enhance their health and active lifestyle without the need for one-on-one consultations with her patients.

Dr. Liu seeks to teach the benefits of healthy herbal supplements to as many individuals as she can. “We focus on healing the whole body,” says Dr. Liu meaning that these advanced doctor-created herbal supplements are intended to benefit more than just one area of your body and your life. After dedicating her life to the improvement of others, Dr. Liu has made it her mission to spread the wonderfully beneficial herbal supplements that she’s given to countless patients to individuals all over the world. She believes that great health should be available and achievable for everyone. This passion brought forth Sol Nutrition!