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Skinny Me: Let's fix that diet!

  • 3 min read
Our last part of Skinny Me focuses on everybody's favorite: food.

Take stock of yourself right now. How are you feeling? If you've been on the typical American diet, you may be experiencing a bit of insulin resistance.

Here are some common signs of it:
  1. Excess body fat, especially around the belly
  2. Headaches, fatigue
  3. Depression, lack of motivation
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Increased thirst and hunger
  6. Frequent urination
  7. Slow-healing cuts and sores
  8. Blurred vision
  9. Vaginal and skin infections
  10. Prediabetes signs like skin tags, darkened skin in your armpit, back and sides of your neck
If left unchecked for long enough, Type 2 diabetes is a real threat. Fortunately, this can be reversed!

Aside from genetic conditions, or hormonal disorders like Cushing's Syndrome, Acromegaly, and Hypothyroidism (Thyroid Support can help with this), we can get your body back on track with just some proper diet and exercise.

We already covered a solid beginner's workout routine in a previous blog. So now let's put our fuel in focus. Unfortunately, there is far too much highly processed, sugary junk in our grocery stores. Most of this isn't your fault, as it's not always obvious what is healthy and what isn't!

Deceptive marketing and fake healthy

Nutrition Facts

Know that every company's first goal is to get your money. If something is marketed as a healthier choice that was done as a means to make the sale, first and foremost. 

To stay in shape, we each have to play detective and read the label of anything we plan to eat. Something marketed as "All Natural", "Low-Fat", "Sugar-Free", or "Health-conscious" is often packed with sodium, high fructose corn syrup, seed oils, and lab-engineered ingredients you can't pronounce.

I found a great blog on "fake healthy foods" here. They all taste delicious for a reason - they aren't actually healthy.

Fake Meat

The new fake meat trend, too, is awful for you. If you want to go vegan, or vegetarian, be my guest. Just don't eat fake meat products, as they're packed with seed oils.

Shop the perimeter

Rather than try to deduce marketing jargon or become a biochemist, simplify your diet into whole foods.

Whole Fruits and Vegetables

For most American grocery stores, this means sticking to the outer perimeter, where the meats, fresh vegetables, and fruits are. Avoiding most of the aisles keeps it simple and cuts down shopping time considerably. Not to mention, you never even see those tempting cookies and chips.

Speaking of cookies and chips, you're probably craving some right now. That'll go away after a week of abstinence. Your body resets, and so do your cravings! So instead of needing a gallon of ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth, you'll be blown away by some watermelon.

Meal idea  

How about some meal ideas?

Generally, we want high protein, low carb. By low carb, we're keeping breads to a minimum and avoiding excess sugar. Minimize "sugar-free" alternatives. Substitute some fresh fruit instead!

Do a google search for "high protein, low carb" meal ideas. I've made good use of some of these recipes

I'll admit, I usually keep things simple though. I now see food as fuel for battle, rather than something to indulge in and regret later.

My favorite meal prep is mindless and effective.

Chicken breast in the air fryer, cut it up. Sautéed bell peppers, onions, spinach with some seasoning. Dump it all into keto-friendly wrap with some melted cheese and bam! High protein, high satiation, low guilt. You can fry an egg or two as well for extra protein and good cholesterol.

You + Skinny Me

3 useful tips:

1. We've heard the weight loss recommendation of drinking a ton of water before a meal to "feel full" faster. We disagree on that move. Drinking a bunch of water, or anything, right before a meal washes out your digestive enzymes, reducing stomach acid you need to efficiently digest the meal. Drink after the meal, instead.

2. Restaurants commonly serve bread or chips up front, as a freebie. Skip it. That bread only spikes your blood sugar. If you're going to eat bread, or dessert, save it for the end of the meal to digest it most efficiently.

3. Take Skinny Me 30 minutes before or after a meal. This encourages your body to digest food most efficiently, turning fat and sugar from the meal into energy, rather than storing it long term.

BONUS: We like BloodSugarDown by Essentia Herbs to help regulate blood glucose levels.

And that's it!
Cook whole foods at home. Go outside, get some sun, exercise.

For a little extra boost toward a happier, healthier life, look over Sol Nutrition's lineup of clinically proven herbal supplements. There's something for everyone!

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

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