To start your healthier, happier life, let's get you cleaned up with Belly Reset and Healthy Liver in one convenient bundle!

If you are new to Sol Nutrition, this is often the first combination we recommend. You'd be surprised at how many problems can stem from gut and liver health - including depression, fatigue, inflammation, muscle aches, poor focus, acne, indigestion, bowel movement issues and more.

To get a proper body refresh going, we suggest taking 2 capsules of each in the morning, and 2 capsules of each at night. 

Belly Reset:

  • Supports a healthy & stable GI tract* 
  • Boosts your metabolism* 
  • Aids your digestive enzymes* 
  • Improves your microbial balance* 
  • Encourages regular bowel function*

Healthy Liver:

  • Helps your liver function*
  • Encourages production of liver enzymes*
  • Encourages a fast & healthy metabolism*
  • Assists with healthy weight management*
  • Aids in liver detox*

Each bottle contains 60 vegetarian capsules | 2 capsules per serving

$65.38 $75.98
  • Take 1-2 capsules with water 2-3 times daily, either 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after eating, for severe symptoms take up to 4 capsules each time with water. 
  • If you have trouble taking capsules, you can open the capsules and mix the powder into the smoothies, apple sauce, or any paste like food substances