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  • Calms your mind & body*
  • Improves your memory & focus*
  • Allows you to unwind without fatigue*
  • Provides mood support*
  • Helps you cope with stress*
  • Take 1-2 capsules with water 2-3 times daily, either 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after eating, for severe symptoms take up to 4 capsules each time with water
  • If you have trouble taking capsules, you can open the capsules and mix the powder into the smoothies, apple sauce, or any paste like food substances.

Promotes a calm body & mind*

Relax Me is a herbal blend formulated by doctors that helps calm you mentally and physically without any feelings of drowsiness. Relax Me is the perfect supplement to help you unwind from your day, while increasing focus and easing tension.*

Pairs well with Sleep Deeply.

For symptoms: Frequent stress, anxiety, irritability, tension

 60 vegetarian capsules | 2 capsules per serving


Rhodiola is commonly used to increase energy, stamina, strength, mental capacity, and improve athletic performance, It also resists the effects of stress, and helps manage depression, and anxiety which is some of the main outcomes that the Relax Me supplement provides!
Schisandra may have adaptogenic properties, meaning that it is able to help the body resist the effects of anxiety and stress. Research has also shown it bolsters the body’s defenses against disease. Extinguishing anxiety is one of the key functions of the Relax Me herbal supplement.
Host-wood Poria promotes mental tranquility and also aids with restlessness, mild heart palpitations, anxiety, and insomnia. It also enhances your immune system and digestive function making it a versatile ingredient that has found a spot in several of our healthy herbal supplements.
Magnolia Bark improves sleep and regulates mood. It also reduces anxiety and stress. Research has shown it eases anxiety and stress and may promote a positive mental state. We strive to help our customers balance stress levels through natural ingredients such as Magnolia Bark.
Ashwagandha is well-known for reducing stress and anxiety in humans. Studies have shown its efficacy in the treatment of insomnia, thereby reducing hunger and stress-eating behaviors, and reducing weight gain. The relaxing nature that this herb provides a range of benefits for not only your mood but your overall mental health.
Radix Polygalae has been included in our wonderful natural herbal formulas because calms the mind and body, helps with depression, and reduces anxiety and stress.
Biota seeds are used as a sedative. They help to disperse anxiety and fear and to reduce restless sleep and night sweats. Other uses are to ease mild heart palpitations due to stress and nervous disorders. This contributes to Relax Me’s natural calming effect.
The doctors behind Sol Nutrition chose to add Passionflower to this supplement because Passionflower improves sleep, reduces anxiety and stress, calms restlessness, and relieves excessive thinking. Some studies suggest it may help relieve insomnia.
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Sol Nutrition